A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Race against the clock in retro time-attack style as you Mow your way to victory! 

Mower Mayhem is inspired by arcade classics built for the Sega Model 2 board. Our goal was to combine the frenetic time-attack game play of Daytona USA and the job systems from Crazy Taxi...with LAWN MOWING!

Earn points by cuttin' grass and smashin' stuff. Mowing all patches on a lawn awards big points, helping you climb the leader board.


Mower Mayhem Mac Version 1.0 is live!

  • Please let us know if you have any trouble running and which Mac OS you are running.

Mower Mayhem Update Version 1.1:

  • Tweaked level layout for better flow.
  • Finished off previous unfinished areas.
  • Fixed Xbox controller support not working within menu.
  • Duplicate high score names are now supported and tracked.


  • Race through a New Zealand-inspired suburban environment.
  • Global online leader board.
  • Destructible environments. 
  • 2 characters to choose from (more to come in the future).
  • Retro arcade art style and animations. 
  • Xbox 360 controller support.

Note: This game does NOT Support PS4 or Steam controller.

About Us

We are a team of five, second-year Game Design students at Yoobee School of Design, Wellington (NZ). Mower Mayhem was made in 5 weeks as part of our Diploma in Game Art & Development. The focus of this project was to launch a highly-targeted game with the goal of gathering player analytics data in order to iterate and make improvements on the game based on feedback. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Install instructions

Right click the zip folder and Extract the files to a location on your computer. 

Open the new folder that is created and double click the Mower Mayhem.exe file (the one with the logo next to it) to run the game. 

Your firewall may tell you not to open it, but don't worry it's just packed with high-octane, lawn mowing action.


Mower Mayhem v1.1.zip 120 MB
Mower Mayhem mac v1.0.zip 119 MB


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Must listen to Lawnmower Deth while playing

Oh man, they'd be the perfect soundtrack for when playing as Slashley, haha

Show post...

so cool..please make full version

Thanks for playing! and glad you enjoyed the game